The 'after-flight' adventure
When balloonists have childish fun !

Cha,pagne toast after hot-air balloon flight
Fire... air... earth... and water...

Those are the ingredients for a baptism ceremony after a hot-air balloon flight. You'll need to bring dry clothes!

Of course there is more to it than just that. The pilot gives a speech and tells stories about the history and techniques of ballooning, the soon-to-be certified balloonists have to make certain promises - and are treated with the various ingredients, preferably in generous amounts if conditions allow. It all mixes into slimy stuff and basically the passengers are gunged, saturday-night tv style. Noel Edmonds would feel right at home.

Every passenger who makes it t through this wet and messy ordeal receives a title of ballooning nobility which is mentioned on his or her flight certificate. Of course there is bubbly for drinking as well (we have selected a very good regional champagne) - and our shower is available to rinse off and clean up afterwards.

Most people appreciate this a lot and heave tremendous fun, rediscovering the child lurking in themselves for a moment. Which is the point of ballooning: childish fun.

You may bring a clown's nose (and convince friends to donate to a good cause if you get gunged), dress up in party outfits, wear flippers or high heels for the ceremony, anything to add to the fun. Obviously, the more fun the passengers have, the more gunge... And we have 'special' versions for special cases and certain tickets like the '3 feathers' and our Crazy Girls Special, with extra slimy stuff! We take lots of photos and will ensure you get them all on disk for posterity.

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hot-air balloon baptism

red noses during balloon air baptism

 hot-air balloon baptism Fun during balloon baptism ceremony splashed during hot-air balloon baptism

Even crazier: the 'natural' option, in the countryside, mud run style...

Hot-air balloon flight baptism certificate
baptism ceremony after hot-air balloon flight
getting wet during a hor-air ballooning baptism
Fun with cream during hot-air balloon baptism
Splashed during ballooning baptism
Wet fun after a hot-air balloon flight
wet and messy balloon baptism ceremony